Cell Phone Stun Guns – Product Reviews
Cell Phone Stun Guns – Product Reviews

Immobilizers come in all shapes and sizes from small three inch models to large right around nine inch adaptations. They all do exactly the same thing-what all self protection items do-give you an opportunity to move away from a perilous circumstance and find support.

They are hand held self protection weapons with typically two prongs that direct an electrical charge between them. They work on voltage (up to as much as 2.7 million) not wattage like tasers. Once applied for 3 to 5 seconds the charge makes the muscles work quickly exhausting blood sugars required for energy.

Not all daze weapons are made similarly. Some are preferred and more famous over others. Mobile phone immobilizers are at the highest point of the stack since they don't look like shock gadgets providing you with the component of shock. Here is an 6.5 prc ammo survey of the three best models.

1.Cell Phone Stun Gun-The first despite everything truly outstanding. It has 800,000 volts and closely resembles a cell. This item has a caution of 100 db, a splendid electric lamp and the most distinctive component the impair pin wrist tie. At the point when worn the wrist tie is joined to a debilitate pin in the weapon. Should an attacker take the firearm from you it separates the terminating component so it can't be utilized against you. It costs $59.95 and has a lifetime guarantee.

2.Pretender Stunner-A somewhat new model that seems to be a camera cell yet is actually a 950,000 volt force to be reckoned with. It has a splendid 12 LED electric lamp and two degrees of security worked in. Only for ladies one variety choice is pink. It is $69.95 and accompanies a lifetime guarantee too.

3.Red or Blue Cell Stun Gun-The most current of the three. It is a nitty gritty variant with 800,000 volts and a lifetime guarantee. It has a nylon holster with waist band. Batteries are excluded at $44.95.

These self protection devices are better compared to most and are ideally suited for ladies and seniors as well. When are you getting one?

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