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how it works

Easy to use, approved accounts in 24 hours, 24/7 support! Open an account with us and verify it to enjoy all our services.

CitPay is a financial online platform designed for individuals and businesses with specific payment needs; you can choose which type of account you wish to open:

  • Upload the documents required to verify your identity.
  • If you want you can link your local bank accounts.
  • Automate your monthly payments including utility bills and other kind of bills.
  • Use CitPay to send and receive money abroad or within the same country.
  • Keep track of every movement of your money by checking your records on our platform. 
  • You can pay workers with CitPay and get special commissions if you have a business account.
  • Shop online or offline and pay with CitPay, it only takes a few clicks and the website will not keep record of your personal information. 
  • Transfer money to your local bank accounts or to CitPay users efficiently. 
  • Fund your account with your favorite card for free (only banks’ fees are applied).

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